Dennis shares on faith that is a lifestyle, a faith that not only removes mountains as obstacles, but a faith that ascends the mountain of the Lord. You will learn about walking in the presence of your enemies, holding to your commitments in the Lord, and how to see God’s Word to you as your workout routine relative to holding onto God’s revelation in the presence of testing and obstacles.

Teachings Include:
Rule in the Presence of Your Enemies
Entering the Commitment Zone
Finding Your Routine Workout
Climbing On Yesterday’s Obedience
Working Faith: Touching Heaven Now

5 part Audio Series

In this inspirational book you will learn from an outstanding entrepreneur and successful CEO who had built a great business enterprise in Shanghai and other major Chinese cities. He has expanded his company from 3 offices to more than a hundred service centres in different regions of China. Louis is sharing from his practical experience of success and failure in building this amazing business which has won many great projects in China from Marriott Hotels, Airbus, Sealed Air, Nuskin and also the 2018 Olympics. 

This book is based on Louis's life experiences and those of other outstanding individuals to inspire and equip young emerging entrepreneurs and executives to be outstanding and excellent.