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The Vision of the Heritage Family Business Leadership Institute
The mission of HF Business Leadership Institute, is to train and equip people in the marketplace to build businesses God’s way. The institute, launched in July 2014, aims to equip working adults through the effective use of technology so as to provide flexibility in its course schedule. As an online school, tutorials are held in real time where facilitators and course mates interact in a virtual classroom - making learning engaging and personal so that students can learn anytime, anywhere. The institute emphasizes on dynamic interactive classes and close mentorship by facilitators who are mature business professionals.
The institute is privileged to be an affiliate member of GoStrategic: Strategic Christian Services International Business Leadership School. GoStrategic Business Leadership School equips believers to be leaders in the communities where they live, work and serve. BLS is currently operating in the US, Mexico, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Asia, and Central America. Its area of expertise is in bridging the gap between spiritual truth and the practical implementation of those truths in confronting real-world problems.
The HF Business Leadership Institute is designed to:
1) Serve as a point of education in the realm of biblical economics and marketplace practices and
2) Serve as a center point for training, mobilizing, and deploying trained businesspeople into service throughout the nations.
The institute itself is based upon both biblical principles of economics and business practice, and the inherent concept that deeper learning follows effective service to others. Therefore, advanced concepts are only offered to those who are graduates of the institute.
Courses offered in affiliation with GoStrategic: Business Leadership School:
  • The one-year Introductory Course, BLS100
  • The one-year Core Course, BLS200.
  • Multiple Graduate modules, BLS300
  • Teacher-training seminars for Course Facilitators and Mentors
  • For-profit business consulting.
  • Teaching teams for national and international seminars and the international branches of the Business Leadership School in other nations.
  • “Model Business” projects where teams focus on bringing a particularcompany into maximized effectiveness as a model for other companies in thatnation.
  • Micro-enterprise projects.
  • Information or preliminary project stages.
Courses offered in affiliation with GoStrategic: Strategic Life Training
  • SLT100--The first year curriculum focuses primarily on helping the student to build a complete framework, based on biblical assumptions, through which to interpret life.
  • SLT200--The second year curriculum is designed to help students develop a strategic lifestyle so they can begin to walk out the vision articulated by the Christian Worldview. 
  • Teacher-training seminars for Course Facilitators and Mentors
Courses offered in affiliation with Strategis@Work LLC, global management consulting firm committed to teaching, training, coaching, and advising clients usingbiblical philosophy, values, and principles.
  • Strategic Life Alignment (SLA) Training
  • Business Transformation Series (BTS) Training.
Our Philosophy
We recognize that effective leadership begins with our relationship to God; extends to and through our families; out into our local churches and communities; and then into the nations. This is the context of successful ministry foundations in the marketplace and everywhere else. HF Business Leadership Institute is set up to reflect these realities.
Whoever creates jobs and capital will lead the 21st Century in terms of economic political modeling. At HF Business Leadership Institute we believe that Christians are to be in the vanguard of this leadership and modeling.
In cooperation with other ministries, churches, and nations, we have asked God for our place of contribution to this glorious and critical task.
Our goal is to equip men and women so that they can begin to respond to our call to disciple the nations.
Our History

The seed of starting this institute was first planted in July 2011, when the school founder Dorcas Li first attended a training in Hong Kong under Dr Gerald Chester.


It was at that training that the Lord opened up a door in Dorcas' heart into a sphere of knowing God that was previously not availed to her. On her return, Dorcas was like the Samaritan woman who spoke to her Messiah at the well. She had to tell everyone what she has discovered.


In May 2012, a group of seven from Singapore registered for BLS100. The transformation in these seven students were so evident to the people around them that when enrollement for BLS 2013 started the next year, close to 40 others registered for the course.


In May 2014, the pioneer group of graduates of BLS200 become Asia’s first batch of BLS facilitators. Since then more than 25 have graduated from the school and another 74 more students are enrolled into both the BLS & SLT programs.

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