Producing a Problem Solver

It takes character, knowledge, and skill to solve serious problems. That is why problems are used by God to either promote us or hold us back from access to new levels of resources. While it’s easy to blame the devil for problems, many of the problems are actually caused by us due to our lack of skills and character strengths.


This course will help us to begin to view problems as our friends once we understand how God use of them to mould us. Problems often require of us the necessity of new levels of thinking, action, and understanding to press our way through them, hence, they empower us. Problems make wonderful “barbells” even if they are often very uncomfortable.


The Bible is a book about problem-solvers and power-misusers. As you go through this course of Producing a Problem Solver ask God to allow you to see the problems He permits to arise in your family life from His point of view. This course will guide you to first have a paradigm shift about how to view problems, and thus empowering you to begin to incorporate problems into the training and discipling of your children. This course will not only give you insight as to the origins and solutions of problems, but you will also be led by the Holy Spirit into worship for the grief God has saved you from!

10 Sessions
Session 1--Understanding the Basic of Problems Part 1
Session 2--Understanding the Basic of Problems Part 2
Session 3--The Nature and Power of Agreements Part 1
Session 4--The Nature and Power of Agreements Part 2
Session 5--Producing Problem Solvers Part 1
Session 6--Producing Problem Solvers Part 2
Session 7--Execution and Delegation Part 1
Session 8--Execution and Delegation Part 2
Session 9--Stimulating the Commitment Part 1
Session 10--Stimulating the Commitment Part 2