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If there is no Caller,
there are no callings;
Only work.

Os Guinness

Meaningless work.

When we do not know why we are doing what we are doing. 

Have you ever felt that way?

Or perhaps you are doing it all because of love.

To provide for your loved ones

Out of sense of responsibilities

That is what everyone does

Part of life journey

But where do all these lead to?

Am I leading towards the right end?

Am I climbing up the right tree?

God created man to live in deeply personal connections with him.

Within the relationship of God and man,

God is the Caller and man is the called.

Our Calling

In Search of Calling (ISC) Sessions

Session 1 Introduction: Life Plan

Session 2 Blocks to Your Life [1]

Session 3 Blocks to Your Life [2]

Session 4 Calling

Session 5 Character

Session 6 Capability

Session 7 Commissioning

Session 8 Elders at the Gate

Session 9 Commissioning

Session 10 Your Life Plan

Each Session consists of
1.5 hours of
personal coaching



Per Private


1.5 Hours Session

with Dorcas Li


Full Program

10 Sessions


1.5 Hours

Per Session

with Dorcas Li

Personal Coach

DORCAS LI email (4R RES)_4629 4R RES.jpg

Dorcas Li

  • Founder of HF Institute,

  • Asia Pacific Director of Growing Families International

Dorcas has over 20 years of experience in helping individuals and families grow and develop a biblical worldview for life and family governance.

Her programs are based on timeless universal principles (TUP) of the Bible.

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