What is SLA?

Do you struggle to get your kids to be motivated? in studies? in God? in life?

Are you looking for directions now that you have graduated? What job? Which career?


Is working for a paycheck the only way? Do you have what it takes to start a new business?


What does God have to say about all this?

How does God fit into all these?


If you desire to begin to live strategically, to know where you are going and what you are called to do.

Apply for a personal discovery based on our Strategic Life Alignment  [SLA] framework.

Decide to be strategically aligned to your life calling.


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Gerald Chester

Author of SLA. Ph.D., is president of Strategies@Work, LLC, a privately held management consulting firm focused on helping individuals and organizations achieve excellent performance through the implementation of biblical philosophy, values, principles, and practices based on the timeless universal principles (TUP) of the Bible.

SLA Sessions

Session 1 Introduction

Session 2 Your Plan

Session 3 God's Plan

Session 4 Blocks [1]

Session 5 Blocks [2]

Session 6 C4 Principle [1]

Session 7 C4 Principle [2]

Session 8 Advisors

Session 9 Commissioning

Session 10 Review & Summary

Each Session

is an

1.5 hours


personal coaching



Per Private


1.5 Hours Session

with Dorcas Li

Personal Coach

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Dorcas Li

Founder of HF Institute,

and Asia Pacific Director of Growing Families International, a Christian ministry focused on helping individuals and families grow and develop a biblical worldview for life and family governance based on timeless universal principles (TUP) of the Bible.