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Introductory Course 引介课程 - BLS 100


BLS100 focuses on the fundamental differences between conventional economics and Biblical economics. Enrolment includes curriculum and Facilitator oversight.


BLS100 has open enrolment through July 30th, 2019

BLS100 school year starts June 23th, 2019 and ends May 23th, 2020


There are 5 modules, 26 lessons in total for BLS100.

All components of BLS100 feature Dennis Peacocke.

BLS100 专注在传统经济学和圣经经济学基础上的不同之处。报读费除了课程外也包括了辅助者的引领协助。




BLS100 共有5个单元26课.

每课都由Dennis Peacocke教导。


Module 101--God's Essential Principles for Building Government & Free Enterprise [6 Credit Hours]

单元101 – 管理工作和自由经营的基本原则 [6小时的学分]

Single Teaching (audio) 单一教学(录音):

Inheritance of the Heart 传承之心

Doing Business God's Way (book) 犹太人经济哲理(课本):

Chapter 1: God is Building a Family Business


Chapter 2: Maturity Comes by Stewarding Property


Chapter 3: Generational Wealth and the Family Unit


Chapter 4: Our God Loves to Work


Chapter 5: The Product of the Family Business is Service



Module 102--The Foundations Required to Build a Prosperous & Just Society [7 Credit Hours]

单元102 – 建立繁荣昌盛、公平合理社会的根基  [7小时的学分]

Doing Business God's Way (book) 犹太人经济哲理(课本):

Chapter 6: What Money Reveals about People


Chapter 7: Risk, Self-Respect, and Redemptive Struggle


Chapter 8: Exposing the Cruelty of the Economics of Blame


Chapter 9: Justice and Equality Are Not the Same


Chapter 10: Godly Government Produces Peace and Productivity


Chapter 11: The Essential Threefold Cords that Will Lead to Your Success


Chapter 12: A Call to True Radicals


Worldview For The Marketplace (audio series) 商场世界观 (录音系列)

Module 103--WVMP: Revelation [5 Credit Hours] 单元103 –商场世界观:启示 [5小时的学分] 

Lesson 1: The War Between Two Seeds


Lesson 2: Building on Divine Law


Lesson 3: Getting Free from Pharaoh's Propaganda Machines


Lesson 4: Living and Working Strategically


Lesson 5: The Power of Faith & Obedience


Module 104--WVMP: Living & Building Relationally [3 Credit Hours]

单元104 – 商场世界观:注重关系的生活与建设 [3小时的学分] 

Lesson 6: Mediating Grace


Lesson 7: Jurisdictions, Authority & Proprietorship


Lesson 8: How Big is Your Vision?


Module 105--WVMP: Stewardship Skills [5 Credit Hours]

单元105 -商场世界观:照顾托管的技能 [5小时 的学分]

Lesson 9: God loans, Transfers & Takes Away


Lesson 10: Where is the Value?


Lesson 11: The Economics of Obedience & Boundaries


Lesson 12: The Beauty of Justice


Creating Wealth (audio series):

Single Session: Building Spiritual & Organizational Dynasties






Core Course 核心课程 - BLS 200


BLS200 focuses on strategic implementation of a Biblical worldview. There are two requirements for those who want to participate in the Business Leadership School core course. You must have completed BLS100 with Facilitator oversight, and you must have attended a BLS Intensive prior to enrolment.

BLS200 school year starts Jun 23th, 2019 and ends May 23th, 2020

There are 5 modules, 24 lessons in total for BLS200.

Audio components of BLS200 include teachings by Dennis Peacocke, Gerald Chester, and Earl Pitts.

In addition to Facilitator oversight, BLS200 Core Course includes the book Good to Great and the following exclusive teachings:

BLS200着重在策略性的执行圣经的世界观。对于要参加企业领导学院核心课程的学生有两项要求。首先您必须在辅助者的协助下完成BLS100课程,然后,再报读BLS200前,您必须参加BLS 的密集课程大会。

BLS200的学期从2019年6月23日开始至2020 年5月 23日

BLS200共有5个单元有24 课。

BLS200 的教课录音包括了Dennis Peacocke, Gerald Chester, 和Earl Pitts的教导。


Module 201: The Foundations of Marketplace Ministry [5 Credit Hours]

单元201 :职场服事的根基 [5小时的学分]

1. The Foundations of Economics and Family Management

1. 经济学和家庭管理的基础

2. Our Ministry as Kings and Priests

2. 我们作为君王和祭司的服事

3. Walking in Financial Freedom

3. 经济自由之路

4. Building Organizations on God’s Word and Patterns

4. 依照上帝的话语和规律建立机构

5. How Your Marketplace Ministry Fits into the Big Picture

5. 如何使你的职场服事切合上帝的鸿图

Module 202: Establishing Our Spiritual Foundations for Building [4 Credit Hours]

单元202 :建设前理清我们的属灵基础 [4小时的学分] 

6. How to Hear God for Your Business

6. 如何听见神对你在职场的声音

7. Discerning Whom You Can Trust

7. 辨明你可信靠的对象

8. Spiritual Warfare within Organizations

8. 机构里的属灵战争

9. Business Prayers God Will Answer

9. 上帝会回应的职场祷告

Module 203: The Keys to Successful Business Life [5 Credit Hours]

单元203:成功职场生活的关键 [5小时的学分]

10. Biblical Ethics in the Marketplace

10. 职场上的圣经伦理

11. What Is Your Organization Called to Do?

11. 神对你机构的呼召是什么?

12. Changing Man and His Institutions

12. 改变人,改变他的组织

13. The Nature and Power of Agreements

13. 协议的本质与能力

14. Transformation Begins With You

14. 转化从你开始


Module 204: Solving Problems God’s Way [4 Credit Hours]

单元204:按神的方式解决问题 [4小时的学分]

15. Understanding the Basics of Problem Solving

15. 明白解决问题的基本要素

16. The Relational Nature of Problem Solving

16. 人际关系在解决问题上的本质

17. Execution and Delegation

17. 执行与授权

18. Stimulating the Commitment of Others

18. 激发他人的责任感


Module 205: Managing and Mentoring People with Destiny [6 Credit Hours]

单元205:以各人的命定管理和指导人 [6小时的学分]

19. Basic Principles of Management

19. 管理的基本原则

20. Building Our Businesses on a Relational Foundation (Pt 1)

20. 在关系的基础上建立我们的企业(第一部分)

21. Building Our Businesses on a Relational Foundation (Pt 2)

21. 在关系的基础上建立我们的企业(第二部分)

22. Understanding the Distinctions Between Teaching and Training (Pt 1)

22. 明白教导与训练的区别(第一部分)

23. Understanding the Distinctions Between Teaching and Training (Pt 2)

23. 明白教导与训练的区别(第二部分)

24. Knowing When the Game is on: God’s Green Light

24. 知道何时启动:上帝的绿灯


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