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Business Leadership School Asia Enrolment 2019-20



Enrolment in the BLS school is now open for the academic year 2019-20.


Course Begins Jun 23th 2019 and ends May 23th 2020



BLS100: Enrolment for each module will be open throughout the academic year.

BLS100 : 每个单元都可以在整个学年报名入学

BLS200: Enrolment for each module will be open throughout the academic year.

BLS200 : 每个单元都可以在整个学年报名入学

Modular System 课程单元

Please refer to the "Course Schedule" for the start date of each module. Once a

module has started enrolment into that module will be closed.

Once a class is full you will be put on "Wait List".

So do enrol early for the class/module of your choice or else select another class

or module.


A student must first enrol into the school to obtain a Student ID

A Student ID is needed before enrolling into any program or module.



Administrative fee for enrolment into the school 注册费:

Individual $50

One parent with one child or married couple $75

Additional child  $25


Course fee for each module will differ. Do refer to "Course Schedule" for details of module dates and fees.


Full Year System 全年课程

For students opting to enrol into the Full Year BLS program, enrolment will close on 31st July 2019.

Course fee for Full Year BLS program is as per below.

The school will assign you to a suitable facilitator who will remain your facilitator for the full year.




BLS 100 Introductory Course Enrolment MP3*

BLS100 引介课程报名 MP3 *



Introductory Teachings- 2 audio teachings

Doing Business God's Way - Book (paperback)

Worldview for the Marketplace - 12 part audio series

BLS100 Course Notebook (paper & PDF version)

One-year correspondence course

Facilitator oversight

包括 :

  • 引介教导 – 两个录音教导

  • 犹太人经济哲理 –课本

  • 商场世界观 – 一系列的录音教导共12课

  • BLS100 课程笔记本与PDF版本

  • 一年的课程

  • 辅助者的协助与引导

Individual - S$495 and Married Couple - S$595

各人报名费S$495新元 夫妇报名费$595新元




BLS 200 Core Course Enrolment- MP3*

BLS200 核心课程报名MP3*


Prerequisite for enrolment 报名条件:

Must have completed BLS 100 course with Facilitator recommendation and attended an Intensive in the past, or will be attending the next Intensive.




BLS Core Course - 24 part audio series

Good to Great by Jim Collins

BLS200 Workbook

Facilitator Oversight

费用包括 :

  • BLS200核心课程的一系列录音教导共24课

  • 书本 - 从优秀到卓越Jim Collins著

  • BLS200的作业本

  • 辅助者的协助与引导


Individual S$895 and Married Couple S$995

各人报名费S$895 新元   夫妇报名费$995 新元



BLS Student Repeat Enrolment


Those who did not finish either the BLS 100 or BLS 200 course in the time allotted can repeat the course for the minimal administration fee.


BLS Student Repeat Fee - $100



凡没有在指定时间内完成BLS100 或BLS200的学生可以重修课程。


重修报名费 - $100新元





Spouse of BLS200 Graduate Enrolment


Spouse of BLS200 Graduates who wish to enrol into BLS 200 course may enrol at the minimal administration fee of S$100.


Spouse of BLS200 Graduate Fee - $100

BLS200 研究生配偶的报名




研究生配偶报名费 - $100新元




Auditor Enrolment Fee - $50

Open only to Graduates who wish to audit the program an additional time

再修报名费 - $50






Late Registration Fee - $50

Those wanting to enrol past the deadline are subject to review and a $50 late registration fee for the additional administrative costs.





School Enrolment Refund Policy:

Those choosing to discontinue their enrolment in the course within 90 days will receive 1/2 of the tuition fee refunded less the curriculum cost. The curriculum is theirs to keep. Those choosing to discontinue past 90 days of enrolment will not receive a refund; the materials are theirs to keep.





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