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Frequently Asked Questions  常见问题解答


1. What kind of people attend the Transforum Conference? 谁需要参加转化论坛大会?

Our events attract a diverse group of people, representative of a variety of focus areas: business, ministry, family, government, and education to name a few. Despite the variety of industries and individual calling, they all have one thing in common: a desire to impact the culture. Many are actively impacting their community; others are ready to be equipped for transformation. And everyone is self-motivated, pulling on the wisdom of the speakers and workshop leaders, and sharing freely with others.




2. What makes this conference different from other conferences? 这个大会和别的大会有何不同?

Our message and our approach. Our primary goal is that Transforum is a transformational experience for you. And we believe that begins by laying the foundation of a biblical worldview that touches every area of your life. Worldview is defined as: a cognitive orientation that frames your point of view; a perspective that deeply impacts how you interpret, and interact with the world around you. When you have the right worldview, the solutions to the challenges you are facing in your workplace, home, or community become clear. This is the core message of Strategic Christian Services, and the overarching theme of Transforum. Practically speaking, we have designed the conference format to provide opportunities for interaction in a variety of settings. Keynote sessions will inspire and challenge you, workshops will equip you with tools for application, and small groups will connect you with like-minded individuals to process what you have been learning.




3. Will there be networking opportunities?  大会中会有互相交流与认识的机会吗?

Yes! We believe in the power of connection. The Welcome Reception, the networking mixer on Thursday evening, and the discussion groups you will participate in are all great opportunities for networking.




4. What is the dress code? 大会有什么着装要求?

Business casual for the conference and also Graduation Dinner event.




5. What is the difference between the BLS and SLT workshop tracks?  BLS和SLT 分支研讨有什么不同?

The Strategic Life Training Track (SLT) has an emphasis on worldview and strategic living, and is appropriate for everyone. It is also a prerequisite for those who wish to enroll in the Strategic Life Training correspondence school



The Business Leadership School Track (BLS) has an emphasis on the marketplace, and those called to business. It is also a prerequisite for those who wish to enroll in the Business Leadership School 

商业领袖学校分支 (BLS) 重在职场和那些受呼召进入商界的人们。参加它是想要报名参加商业领袖学校  的前提条件。


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