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Schedule & Format  议程与形式


Format 形式

BLS & SLT Intensives are designed to provide opportunities for inspiration, application, and connection.



Keynote Sessions 专题会议

These sessions will inspire and challenge you to think differently about the state of our culture, and how we can reshape our world to reflect the kingdom of God. The diverse group of speakers we have brought together includes leaders with backgrounds in business, ministry, academia, and the non-profit sector.



Workshops  专题研讨

Workshops are designed to equip you with tools for applying principles of cultural change. Topics will cover kingdom business, evangelism, strategic thinking, and problem solving. See under "Schedule" for complete list of workshops.



Discussion Groups  讨论小组

You will also be paired up with a small group, facilitated by Business Leadership School alumni. Groups will meet after each Keynote session to give you an opportunity to respond, and discuss together how to apply into your life and work, what was shared . 你也会被分配到小组,BLS/SLT校友会帮助你。小组会在每个专题会议结束后开会,你将有机会反馈与讨论怎样应用专题的内容到你的生活与工作中去。


Welcome Reception 欢迎酒会

And, because so much of what happens in the kingdom happens through the connection of like-minded individuals, we have dedicated time for networking with others. Transforum will commence with a Welcome Reception on Thursday evening where you can introduce yourself to fellow attendees, and a mixer on Friday evening to further encourage the exchange of ideas.




BLS & SLT Orientation 学生导向

The BLS & SLT Orientation is to help students starting out on the program. Students will receive their course material for the module that they have registered for. Facilitator will walk student through their student folder that lists out a) reading requirement  b) homework requirement  c) attendance & procedure for facilitation calls  d) course expectations  e) entrance and exit exams   f) school-wide facilitation call.

BLS和SLT导向是帮助学生开始计划。学生将收到他们注册的模块的课程资料。 辅导员将通过他们的学生文件夹,列出 a) 阅读要求  b) 家庭作业要求   c) 促进电话的出席和程序   d) 课程期望   e) 入学和退学考试   f) 全校促进电话


Schedule Overview 议程总览

Event begins Thursday evening with the first session at 7pm,



The event concludes by 5pm on Saturday.



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