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"The great use of a life
is to spend it
for something that will
outlast it." 
William James
This June
Transforum Asia 2019
Building Kingdom Legacy

Keynote Session 2

Generational Transfer of a Kingdom Legacy

David & Natalie Holmyard

Thursday 13th Jun 

6pm ~ 10pm

Friday    14th June

9am ~ 5pm

Saturday 15th Jun

9am ~ 4pm

Keynote Session 1

Introduction to Building a Kingdom Legacy

Bruce Billington

Keynote Session 3

The Predicate for Kingdom Legacy

Dr Gerald Chester

Keynote Session 4

Are You Building with Talents or Minas?

Bruce Billington

Group Discussion 1

Group Discussion 2



WorkShop 研讨课1      2-3:15pm

Dr Gerald Chester 杰拉德·齐思达博士

  • BLS - Noetic Effects of Sin  罪的正义影响


Bruce Billington 布鲁斯·比林顿

  • SLT - Jurisdictions 管辖权


WorkShop 研讨课2      3:45-5pm

David Holmyard 大卫 霍姆亚德

  • BLS - Relationships & Team Building 关系和团队建设

Natalie Holmyard 娜塔莉 霍姆亚德

  • ​SLT - Principles of Transformation 转型原则

Group Discussion 小组讨论 4

Friday   14th Jun

7pm ~ 10pm

Group Discussion 小组讨论 3

Keynote Session 5

The Execution of Kingdom Legacy


Dr Gerald Chester


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