Mere Christianity (返璞归真)

Mere Christianity (返璞归真)


“作為基督徒,魯氏的心胸是開闊的。假定有一個從未嚐過鹽味的人,你給他初嚐鹽味,他的味覺接觸到那種很強的鹹味,他可能會說,那你的菜會不會都是這一個味道,鹽將所有食物的味道都消除了?但是你和我都明白,鹽的作用不但不會消除雞蛋、蔬菜的味道,反讓它們各自透出本味來。  對基督教中最棘手的宗派問題,魯氏比喻得格外精彩,“基督信仰好像一個大房子,客廳有若干通往房間的門。客廳只是等候的地方,不是住的地方。有的人也許得在大廳裡留久點,有的人一下就可以決定敲哪個房間的門。就是在客廳裡,也得遵守整座房子共守的規則。而且應該不斷查問哪扇門才是真門,不可以僅因為外面的油漆和裝飾討你喜歡便選定房間。你進到自己的房間以後,對那些選了別的房間的人應心存寬厚,對那些仍留在客廳裡的人也該如此。他們若選錯了,應為他們禱告。他們若是你的仇敵,更應遵照主基督的教訓為他們祈求。這是進了這座房子後,大家應守的規則。” 摘自蔡選青 (上海,從事醫學研究,現居美國華盛頓州)為此書寫的書評

In this inspirational book you will learn from an outstanding entrepreneur and successful CEO who had built a great business enterprise in Shanghai and other major Chinese cities. He has expanded his company from 3 offices to more than a hundred service centres in different regions of China. Louis is sharing from his practical experience of success and failure in building this amazing business which has won many great projects in China from Marriott Hotels, Airbus, Sealed Air, Nuskin and also the 2018 Olympics. 

This book is based on Louis's life experiences and those of other outstanding individuals to inspire and equip young emerging entrepreneurs and executives to be outstanding and excellent.

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