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No SLT200 for 2020-21

Registration & Enrollment


2019 Registration & Enrollment Information


All students must attend an Intensive prior to their initial enrollment into SLT.  Pricing for Intensives is separate from, and in addition to your enrollment costs for the school.


Those wanting to enroll past the deadline are subject to review and a $50 late registration fee for the additional administrative costs.

SLT100 Individual--S$60 to S$80 per module

SLT101 Individual--S$70

SLT100 Individual--S$60

SLT100 Individual--S$60

SLT100 Individual--S$60

SLT100 Individual--S$60

SLT100 Individual--S$60

SLT100 Individual--S$80

SLT100 Individual--S$60

SLT100 Individual--S$80

SLT100 Individual--S$80

SLT200 Course Enrollment--NO SLT200 for 2020-21

SLT200 Individual--S$595 Married Couple--S$695

SLT Student Repeat Enrollment

SLT Student Repeat Fee--S$100

Auditor Enrollment

Auditor Fee is S$30

Late Registration Fee

Late Registration--S$50

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Cancellations and Refund Policy:

Those choosing to discontinue their enrollment in the course within 90 days will receive 1/2 of the tution fee refund less the curriculum cost.  The curriculum is theirs to keep.  Those choosing to discotinue past 90 days of enrollment will not receive a refund; the materials are theirs to keep.

Payment Plans:

Students may opt to payment the course fee either in full single payment upon registration or to pay via instalments of S$100 per month. Students are to indicate their choice of payment during registration.  NOTE: there will be an additional S$5 administrative charge for the instalment option.

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