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 BLS100 Asia Schedule

For your convenience all course documents and schedules are posted online.

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BLS100 Asia Full Year Program Schedule 2018/19

  1. S$395  Individual            

  2. S$495  Married Couple

  3. S$495  Parent Child / Two Siblings

  4. S$250  Additional Child

  5. S$100  Repeat Student [all categories]

BLS100 Asia Modular System Schedule 2017/18

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BLS101-DWPY    God's Essential Principles for Building Government & Free Enterprise               2017, Jul 10--Aug 14

6 Units                S$150/Individual      S$170/Couple/Parent Child                                                               CYCLE 1

  1. Creating Wealth --God's Heart of Inheritance

  2. DBGW 01--God is Building A Family Business

  3. DBGW 02--Maturity Comes by Stewarding Property

  4. DBGW 03--Generational Wealth and the Family Unit

  5. DBGW 04--Our God Loves to Work

  6. DBGW 05--The Product of the Family Business is Service

BLS102-DWPY    The Foundations Required to Build a Prosperous & Just Society                            2017, Sep 11--Oct 23

7 Units                S$100/Individual      S$140/Couple/Parent Child                                                                CYCLE 1

  1. What Money Reveals About People

  2. Risk, Self-Respect, and Redemptive Struggle

  3. Exposing the Curelty of the Economics of Blame

  4. Justice and Equality are Note the Same

  5. Godly Government Produces Peace & Productivity

  6. The Essential Three-Fold Cords

  7. A Call to True Radicals

BLS103-DWPY       Threefold Cord: Revelation                                                                                        2017-18, Nov 13--Jan 29

5 Units                   S$100/Individual      S$120/Couple/Parent Child                                                        CYCLE 1

  1. WVMP CD1--Glorifying God in the War Between 2 Seeds

  2. WVMP CD2--Building on Divine Law

  3. WVMP CD3--Getting Free from Pharaoh's Propaganda Machine

  4. WVMP CD4--Living and Working Strategically

  5. WVMP CD5--The Power of Obedient Faith

BLS104-DWPY       Threefold Cord: Living & Building Relationally                                                        2018, Feb 26--Mar 8

3 Units                   S$60/Individual      S$70/Couple/Parent Child                                                               CYCLE 1

  1. WVMP CD6--Mediating Grace

  2. WVMP CD7--Jurisdictions, Authority, and Proprietorship

  3. WVMP CD8--How Big is Your Vision

BLS105-DWPY       Threefold Cord: Stewardship Skills                                                                            2018, Apr 9--May 14

5 Units                   S$100/Individual      S$120/Couple/Parent Child                                                          CYCLE 1

  1. WVMP CD09--God Loans, Transfers, and Take Away

  2. WVMP CD10--Where is the Value

  3. WVMP CD11--The Economics of Obedience & Boundaries

  4. WVMP CD12--The Beauty of Justice

  5. Creating Wealth--Building Spiritual & Organization Dynasties

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