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Transforum Asia 2019
June 六月 13-15, 2019
BLS & SLT Intensives   密集课程
The Summit
115 Eunos Ave 3, Singapore 409839

The Transforum cum BLS/SLT Intensives Event draws together students, facilitators, mentors, pastors, and teachers of the course. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for people to connect and meet, and enhancing the facilitating/mentoring component of the course.


Transforum Asia 2019 is a 2.5-day event that aims at providing instructions that will profoundly enhance your vision and thinking in regards to the responsibility of Christian leaders to impact the way the world does business. This event will inspire and equip you to take your ministry in the marketplace to another level of effectiveness. The BLS/SLT Intensive track is open to all business owners, executives, managers and those aspiring to positions of leadership. All event attendees attend joint plenary sessions then course specific workshops for their respective school.


The event is conducted in an interactive format, combining plenary sessions, group discussions, and special breakout sessions. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with other believers who are serving God and making an impact in the marketplace. For those wanting to pursue further training through the Business Leadership School, the BLS Intensive track is mandatory. If you are participating in the intensive as a student of the Business Leadership School, we strongly encourage you to bring your spouse as an auditor. If they are involved in your business, they can attend as a student as well.



Goals of the Intensive

Kingdom Orientation

Both the Intensive and the curriculum emphasize the central nature of the Kingdom of God. Our desire is to ignite in participants a passion for the King and His Kingdom.  In addition, our desire is to sow a vision for justice that challenges participants to commit themselves to a life of training that will position them to be used by God to affect change wherever they have influence.


Course Orientation

The Intensive provides an opportunity to orientate the students with the curriculum and facilitating/mentoring component of the course.  Each of the two years carries a different emphasis, the second year building on the foundation of the first. During the Intensive, students will be introduced to the critical foundational principles for the year they are about to begin.


Relational Orientation

One of the benefits of the Intensive is the opportunity for men and women to connect and fellowship with others who carry the same heart for the purposes of God in their generation. Moreover, the fact that men and women are drawn from a number of different churches and regions from throughout the country reinforces the reality that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.

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