BLS200 Asia Assignment Schedule

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BLS200 Asia Full Year Program Schedule 2018/19

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BLS200 Asia Modular System Schedule 2018/19


BLS201             The Foundations of Marketplace Ministry                                                                            2018, Jul 10--Sep 18

5 Units                              S$220/Individual        S$230/Couple or Parent Child                                     

  1. Jul 24--Foundations of Economics & Family Management

  2. Aug 14--Our Ministry as Kings and Priests / Good to Great

  3. Aug 28--Walking in Financial Freedom / Good to Great

  4. Sep 04--Building Your Organization on God's Word and God's Pattern / Good to Great

  5. Sep 11--How Your Marketplace Ministry Fits into the Big Picture / Good to Great

Good to Great

1. Sep 18--Ch 1-5

2. Oct 02--Ch. 6-9

100% HOMEWORK Submission. Deadline--Sep 30

BLS202                     Establishing Our Spiritual Foundations for Business                                                 2018, Oct 16--Nov 6

4 Units                              S$140/Individual        S$160/Couple or Parent Child                                           

  1. Oct 16--How To Hear God For Your Business

  2. Oct 23--Discerning Whom You Can Trust

  3. Oct 30--Spiritual Warfare within Organizations

  4. Nov 06--Business Prayers God Will Answer

100% HOMEWORK Submission. Deadline--Nov 18

BLS203              The Keys to Successful Business Life                                                                                     2018, Nov 27--Jan 15

5 Units                              S$180/Individual        S$210/Couple or Parent Child                                       

  1. Nov 27--Biblical Ethics for the Marketplace

  2. Dec 04--What is Your Organization Called to Do?

  3. Dec 11--Changing Man and Power of Agreements

  4. Dec 18--The Nature and Power of Agreements

  5. Jan 15--Transformation Begins with You

100% HOMEWORK Submission. Deadline--Jan 30

BLS204                     Solving Problems God's Way                                                                                              2019, Feb 19--Mar 12

4 Units                              S$150/Individual        S$190/Couple or Parent Child                                          

  1. Feb 19--Understanding the Basics of Problem Solving

  2. Feb 26--The Relational Nature of Problem Solving

  3. Mar 05--Execution and Delegation

  4. Mar 12--Stimulating the Commitment of Others

100% HOMEWORK Submission. Deadline--Mar 30

BLS205             Managing & Mentoring People with Destiny                                                                         2019, Apr 09--May 14

6 Units                              S$220/Individual        S$240/Couple or Parent Child                                          

  1. Apr 09--Basic Principles of Management

  2. Apr 16--Building Our Businesses on a Relational Foundation (Part 1)

  3. Apr 23--Building Our Businesses on a Relational Foundation (Part 2)

  4. Apr 30--Understanding the Distinctions between Teaching & Training (Part 1)

  5. May 07--Understanding the Distinctions between Teaching & Training (Part 2)

  6. May 14--Knowing  When the Game is On: God's Green Light

100% HOMEWORK Submission. Deadline--May 31